we ♥ burgers.

The hamburger is without question the quintessential American dish. It's our comfort food, our go-to lunch when we're in a hurry; It can be our highest cuisine and our most lowly snack. The hamburger defines us to much of the rest of the world and is one of our most visible cultural exports. It's also really, really hard to find a good one in Europe. 

We opened Big Al's American Kitchen five years ago to craft real American burgers and show our neighbors just how good a burger can be. The result has surprised and delighted more than 300,000 diners from all parts of the globe. 

“the best burger in spain.”

Trip Advisor

“one of the ten best burgers in the world.”

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  • starters & salads
    Our famous pulled pork nachos

    hand-cut tortilla chips, eight-hour pulled pork, three-cheese blend, our bbq sauce, pickled jalapeños

    OMG chicken wings

    crispy southern-fried chicken wings tossed in our sweet and spicy OMG sauce

    Cobb salad

    mixed seasonal local greens, tomato, crispy bacon, blue cheese, egg, grilled chicken breast, homemade ranch

    Cheese quesadilla

    flour tortilla with fresh pico de gallo, three cheese blend, sour cream

    Fried Mozzarella

    crispy fried mozzarella with our housemade marinara sauce

    Chicken strips

    chicken breast strips, housemade honey mustard

  • burgers & sandwiches
    Big Al

    our signature burger, quadruple patties, cheese, mixed local greens, sweet onion, special sauce

    Widowmaker Jr. 

    quadruple patties, cheese, crispy bacon, eight-hour pulled pork, crispy onions, mixed local greens and tomato, mayo

    Patty melt

    double patties, double cheese, caramelized onion jam, yellow mustard on grilled, fresh-baked marbled rye


    double patties, cheese


    double patties, cheese, mixed local greens, tomato, sweet onion, mayo


    double patties, cheese, crispy onion strings, our bbq sauce

    Kate's chicken

    spicy grilled chicken breast, mixed local greens, tomato, sweet onion, housemade habanero aioli

    OMG Chicken Sandwich

    crispy chicken thigh, our OMG sauce and fresh coleslaw

    Luther Burger

    double beef, double cheese, two butter-grilled artisanal donuts

    Fat Elvis

    double patties, creamy peanut butter, crispy bacon, caramelized banana


    sextuple patties, cheese, crispy bacon, eight-hour pulled pork, crispy onions, mixed local greens and tomato, grilled jalapeño, mayo, quaruple-decker brioche bun (finish in 30 minutes and your pic goes up on our wall of fame)


    double patties, cheese, homemade chile con carne, sweet onion

    Spicy Jalapeño

    double patties, cheese, grilled sweet onion, caramelized jalapeños, crispy tortilla strips, housemade habanero aioli

    Mushroom Dijon

    double patties, cheese, grilled mushrooms & onions, caramelized dijon cream cheese

    Eight hour pulled pork

    slow roasted pork shoulder, fresh coleslaw, our bbq sauce

    The three-way

    crispy fried chicken thigh covered in our OMG sweet & spicy sauce, pulled pork, beef patty, cheese, crispy onions

  • Drinks & desserts
    Soft drinks (domestic)

    Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta Lemon, Fanta Orange, Nestea, Solan de Cabras water, Vichy Catalan

    Soft drinks (imported)

    Dr. Pepper, Cherry Dr. Pepper, A&W Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, Fanta Grape, Fanta Strawberry, Arizona Pomegranate Tea, Arizona Green Tea, Arizona Blueberry Tea


    We have all three colors (Big Al's is more of a beer place)


    New York (vanilla), chocolate, peanut butter, pumpkin, lemon blueberry

    The Brownie Sundae

    Warm homemade brownie, vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and chocolate sauce

    Big Al's Big Black Cake

    Six layer dark chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting (special order two days in advance)

On Tap Right Now
  • Sitges Center
  • Barcelona Eixample

    hours & locations

    Sitges Center - Closed Until 15 November

    Closed for technical reasons until 15 November  

    We don't take reservations, but you can add your name to the list in person as soon as we open each day. 

    Carrer de Francesc Gumà 21 
    Sitges · Barcelona

    Phone: +34 93 811 06 24 
    (not for reservations)

    barcelona eixample

    Open monday-thursday from 1pm to 4pm and 8pm to midnight, friday-sunday from 1pm to 5pm and 8pm to midnight.

    We don't take reservations, but you can add your name to the list in person as soon as we open each day.

    Carrer de Córsega 178           

    Phone: +34 93 408 82 23
    (not for reservations)          

    Press Mentions

    Cocinatis Dos Hombres y Un Destino

    "Todo empezó el día que llegamos a la flamante hamburguesería Big Al's (Còrsega, 178), en Barcelona, recién abierta a raíz del éxito de sus dos locales en Sitges."

    Barcelona Food Experience Big Al's American Kitchen

    "Let’s start with the burgers. People dream about these at night."

    Coolture Magazine Big Al’s American Kitchen | Comida 100% americana

    "Ya no hace falta viajar a Estados Unidos para poder comer una auténtica hamburguesa americana. En Big Al’s American Kitchen podemos encontrar la verdadera comida americana como si estuviéramos en América."

    Foodie in Barcelona Big Al’s, American Burgers

    "...this brioche bun could stand shoulder to shoulder with other leavened friends in Bouchon Bakery and be proud."


    "De Sitges a Barcelona, de EE.UU al Eixample. Una hamburguesería de película, de esas que podemos ver en todo largometraje americano."


    "Acudir al Big Al’s es sinónimo de gozar con sus auténticas hamburguesas americanas, en un local cosmopolita, cómodo, sin experimentos gourmet, con un servicio cercano donde se respira calidad, rodeados por una ambientación musical extraordinaria en una atmósfera 100% americana impregnada por la pasión y la personalidad de Alan; su propietario."

    ABC Las Diez Mejores Hamburguesas de España

    "TripAdvisor presenta las mejores hamburgueserías de España según las opiniones de miles de viajeros"

    Turismito Las Mejores Hamburguesas de España

    "Son la comida más compañera de los viajeros, pues en cualquier rincón del mundo, una buena hamburguesa permite saciar el apetito en poco tiempo y por poco dinero. Pero además – hay que decirlo – son una delicia."

    HotelsDave The 19 Best Restaurants in Barcelona

    "The Barcelona branch of the award-winning hamburger joint. Several years ago, Big Al’s first opened in the beach town of Sitges and now they’ve brought their phenomenally successful American burgers to Barcelona."

    Happily Munching Big Al's Burger Bar Sitges

    "They were both unbelievably good that my mouth still gets watery by the memory."

    Un Buen Día en Barcelona Las auténticas hamburguesas americanas

    "Nuestro primer consejo antes de visitar Big Al´s es que llegues con mucha hambre. Todos los platos además de ser deliciosos son súper grandes."

    Timeout Barcelona No són cap moda fugissera

    "I és que el que trobem a l'interior d'aquest local d'ànima i filosofia 100% americanes és cosa bona."